About us

SUARDIAZ Group is a company with a history dating back over 75 years. It was one of the first shipping lines to emerge in Spain and today it is a leading international logistics operator in the comprehensive logistics sector.

As comprehensive logistics consultants, we work according to the needs of our clients, providing advice, design and implementation for transport plans, and offering a worldwide multimodal service that is customised to each of our clients.

The story behind our group

Our story begins with the foundation of SUARDIAZ Group in 1943, looking towards the future with the peace of mind that comes from experience, the calm that comes from a job well done and the motivation to keep innovating. Over seven decades of experience speak for themselves.

SUARDIAZ Group Milestones

SUARDIAZ Group, renowned for its excellence and leadership in comprehensive logistics, has been operating for over 75 years and with its Spanish and international presence, it offers its clients worldwide coverage with over 30 offices in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Mexico and Peru

Beginnings in the maritime sector

The Suardiaz family background in the maritime business began with Antonio Suardiaz Valdés who started working in shipping and shipbuilding and became a renowned figure. The Antonio López steamer was launched for him in 1912.

The business would later be transferred to his sister, Cristina Suardiaz Valdés, who was married to Juan Riva Diaz, who, years later, would hand over the business to his sons José and Rafael Riva Suardiaz.

The group was born

In 1943, the Riva Suardiaz brothers laid the foundations of the Grupo Riva-Suardiaz in Asturias, continuing in the maritime business until their deaths.

In the intervening years, part of the fleet was set aside for the automotive sector and another part was used for logistics services, developing their own terminals in different ports. The Group also devoted itself to the rail service in acquiring Pecovasa, which it would later sell to Renfe Mercancías.

Business diversification

From the 1980s, the second generation of the family joined the Board of Directors.

In subsequent years, the business would expand with the acquisition of Creuers del Port de Barcelona, Barcelona’s cruise ship terminal; the oil tanker Livia was acquired; and multimodal transportation was developed for the purposes of offering a comprehensive service

International expansion and current affairs

In 2013, the Group underwent a financial and organisational reorganisation, at which point Juan Riva was appointed sole director, a role which he had held since 2002, with the company remaining a fully family-run company.

During that time, which involved an organisational change and the international expansion of the group, the fleet of car carrier and RoRo vessels was renewed in order to sell the older fleet and acquire another with a greater tonnage in order to respond to the challenges of the day.

In the same line, in 2015, SUARDIAZ Group signed an agreement with Spain and France to use the St Nazaire-Vigo Sea Motorway in its commitment to sustainable development. The service was later expanded from the north of Africa to the north of Europe to supply the automotive industry with factories in Tangiers and Kenitra.

The company continued to grow with the creation of its offshore wind division in 2023 to provide ad hoc turnkey logistics solutions for offshore wind farms.

In recent years, the presidency of Juan Riva in the Spanish Shipowners Association (ANAVE) and in the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA), in addition to being a member of the current Board of Directors of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), has enabled SUARDIAZ Group to grow on the international stage.

We offer comprehensive logistics solutions that cover the entire supply chain, at both the national and international level. We are a benchmark logistics consulting for companies all over the world that need solutions for their logistics and multimodal transportation of goods.

When seeking a customised, comprehensive logistics strategy, we base our search on sustainability and innovation to guarantee the quality and safety of our services.

Our mission is… to provide logistics services on all modes of transport: maritime, land, rail, air and multimodal. We offer a quality service to our national and international clients, as well as insurance consulting and policies to cover any contingency during transportation.

Our vision is… to recognise our leadership as a guarantee of quality, experience, efficiency and transparency in the provision of our services.

Our values

We also strive for excellence and commitment to our clients. As such, our corporate values are:

  • Integrity: we act all along the value chain with honesty and respect, both within and outside the company, with employees, clients and suppliers.
  • Commitment: we undertake our work with dedication and the entire team is involved at every stage of the projects to meet the timeframes and to ensure that each operation is efficient, agile and profitable for our clients.
  • Responsibility: we are responsible for providing the best solution, thinking about what our clients need.
  • Excellence: we exceed the expectations of a logistics project, which is why SUARDIAZ Group goes beyond with comprehensive proposals based on experience and continuous improvement.
  • Sustainability: we are aware of the importance of thinking about the future which is why we strive to use or create innovative solutions that respect the environment and do their bit for sustainable development.

The companies that make up the group

Over the years, we have grown and incorporated various transportation and logistics companies into SUARDIAZ to ensure a comprehensive service for our clients. As a group, we combine effort and experience to grow and pave the way towards the future.
SUARDIAZ Shipping Lines
Maritime transportation of vehicular goods
Fuel supply
SUARDIAZ Logistics
Comprehensive international logistics
Rail logistics
Rail terminal management
tet suardiaz
Multimodal land logistics
tenertrans las palmas
Import and export traffic
empresa tpc
Port logistics from Cadiz
Automotive logistics
montube sur
Shipbuilding and structure assembly
KLEOS Risk Solutions
Goods in transit insurance and general insurance

Investee companies

SN Shipbrokers