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SUARDIAZ Group provides a specialised project cargo service for extra-heavy or oversized goods that cannot be divided up to adapt to conventional limits. We design a customised logistics solution for transportation after looking at various options. We study potential routes and outline the best one from source to destination, taking into consideration the specific features of the cargo.

As comprehensive logistics consultants, we offer turnkey maritime multimodal transportation for project cargo or time-limited operations departing from one or more points. We also cover national and international territory, taking into consideration the regulations for each country when using special land transportation means.

The SUARDIAZ Group project cargo service deals with handling and lifting heavy, oversized and hazardous goods. Our consulting team designs tailor-made logistics projects for each client, always taking the appropriate safety measures to protect both the cargo and the individuals responsible for transporting it.

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Experts in international project cargo


SUARDIAZ Group has been working with project cargo for decades, even when this kind of maritime transportation was rare in Spain. This has enabled us to work with different sectors and adapt our solutions to their needs, both in terms of the type of goods and the sector our clients operate in.

Multinational corporations face the challenge of transporting heavy or oversized cargo around different countries and these projects require special attention. Construction companies or engineering firms also require logistics services which we can deal with through other parts of the Group. As such, we can offer fully-comprehensive worldwide solutions that are customised to their goods, with SUARDIAZ Shipping Lines, for example.

Versatility and flexibility

Working with cargo from such different projects has enabled us to be alert to solve any unforeseen incidents that arise during the transportation of special goods. Our solutions are designed to ensure that any incidents neither prevent nor delay delivery because we always have several alternative plans that can be used to reach the destination on time.

At SUARDIAZ Group, we respond to the needs of our clients and take charge of managing operations for each project so that they do not need to worry about anything. We are able to be flexible because we know the weight and size limitations of the ports and the customs exemptions for each country that can affect any scheduled route.

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What is project cargo in shipping?

Project cargo is the maritime transportation of goods considered special due to their size or weight. They are more complex to move because they cannot be placed in ordinary containers and a particular system needs to be designed to take them from the factory to their destination, which is why they often involve multimodal transportation.

Project cargo vessels are set up to store large goods of heavy tonnage, either in the holds or on the decks. There are also Flo/Flo vessels that use the float-on/float-off system to submerge the ship up to the deck to facilitate loading and unloading.

What kinds of industries use our project cargo service?

Extra-heavy, oversized and hazardous goods are often linked to the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, electricity or energy industries, such as wind and offshore energy. At SUARDIAZ Group, we provide project cargo services to these and other sectors, such as civil construction, industrial plants and infrastructure.

We deal with logistics requests from companies needing advice before choosing the best route, such as information about the import report and exemptions for the nearest ports. We manage everything involved in foreign trade for any sector and country, researching the limitations and adapting the transportation strategy.

Do we handle and load hazardous goods?

Yes, at SUARDIAZ Group, we can load and unload hazardous goods, always attending to safety regulations to protect the individuals handling them and the environment during transfer.

With maritime transportation, we follow the International Maritime Organization (IMO) recommendations and for roads, we adhere to the Agreement on Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) for hazardous goods. As such, our vessels and vehicles feature emergency signs and plans, they ensure the sender’s documentation is in order and they have a team that is trained to follow the safety protocol and emergency procedures in the event of an incident.

Why contract SUARDIAZ Group’s project cargo services?

As a leading company in comprehensive logistics consulting, SUARDIAZ Group offers a multimodal transportation service for special goods. The solutions we offer are customised to each project because the route is designed according to the characteristics of the cargo, as well as the current legislation in each country it is travelling through.

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