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Chartering services

SUARDIAZ Group offers a vessel chartering consulting service for RoRo (vehicular cargo) and general cargo, including special goods. To find the option that is most beneficial for our clients, we search the shipowner market for the vessels that best suit the characteristics of the cargo and the planned route.

As comprehensive logistics consultants, as well as intermediaries, we suggest multimodal solutions that combine maritime and air chartering with road and rail transport to speed up delivery and optimise resources. This way, in addition to personalising the project to each client, we can also lower the environmental impact of our activities.

The SUARDIAZ Group chartering service is highly valued by companies with oversized or hazardous goods because our team takes on the task of finding the right vessel, dealing with the chartering and handling the cargo to provide door-to-door delivery on the date agreed. We take care of all the logistics and we have experience with companies from different industries.

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Experts in international chartering


SUARDIAZ Group acts as a chartering broker for companies in Europe and all over the world with the contacts we have been acquiring over time. Our team of consultants understands the options available on the market and which ones are the most appropriate for each sector and type of cargo. Our experience in international trade enables us to plan and manage complex logistical operations successfully without incidents or delays.

SUARDIAZ Group also offers frequent national and international routes through SUARDIAZ Shipping Lines, so we can combine different kinds of chartering with our own maritime transportation.

Scalability and efficiency

At SUARDIAZ Group, we provide a customised service for each client, with solutions that are adapted to the goods. Each operation is different and can require different kinds of chartering, which is why we always seek the best option on the market for the size of the cargo, whether it is special cargo or whether it only requires part of the vessel’s hold. This lowers costs and allows for long-term scalability.

The operational efficiency of SUARDIAZ Group comes as a result of its knowledge of the maritime transportation sector, as a chartering broker and owner of its own fleet of vessels. We analyse the market and prepare the best routes for each client that will protect their goods as well as the environment.

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What does a chartering contract consist of?

This is a legal agreement between the charteree, or owner of a ship, and the charterer, or individual hiring it, to transport goods by sea. There are different kinds of contracts depending on the level of control that the shipowner grants the charterer, i.e., the type of chartering: part-time, by weight or volume, by liner, etc.

The document that both parties sign includes details about the ship, the cargo, the port of origin and destination, the price of the hire or charter, and more.

What is a bareboat charter?

In this kind of maritime transportation contract, the operator of an unarmed ship leases it to the charterer for a set time. During that rental period, the charterer has full control over the vessel and its crew, which they must contract themselves and manage to make the rental profitable.

Bareboat chartering is regulated by the United Nations Convention on Conditions for Registration of vessels (UNCTAD), of 7 February 1986.

Chartering types

As well as bareboat chartering, there are two other kinds of charters:

  • Time charter: a vessel is chartered for a time that is set out in the maritime transportation contract, and can make multiple crossings in that timeframe.
  • Voyage charter: a vessel and all its cargo is chartered for a single voyage in which the charterer may carry their own goods or third-party goods.

Both types of chartering contracts are regulated by Act 14/2014, of 24 July, on Maritime Sailing, the Trade Code and the Civil Code.

Why contract SUARDIAZ Group’s chartering services?

As a leading company in comprehensive logistics consulting, SUARDIAZ Group offers a vessel chartering consulting service for a door-to-door or door-to-port multimodal service. This contract can be made for special project cargo or by liner.

Contact us for more information or for a personalised quote for your needs.

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